China vs Oman Live: Score Updates (1-1) | 11/11/2021

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China vs Oman Live: Score Updates (1-1) | 11/11/2021

Follow game China-Oman live coverage, stream information, score online, prediction, TV channel, lineups preview, start date and result updates of World Cup qualification on November 26th, 2021. Kick-off start time: 10am ET.

Follow game China-Oman live coverage, stream information, score online, prediction, TV channel, lineups preview, start date and result updates of World Cup qualification on November 26th, 2021. Kick-off start time: 10am ET.

China vs Oman Live: Score Updates (1-1)
Photo of Wu Lei in a meeting with China // Source: China National Team


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12:57 PM4 minutes ago

End of the match

End of the match. The match ended at the Sharjah Stadium with the score tied at one. China scored in the first half but Oman in the last fifteen minutes managed to score.
12:52 PM8 minutes ago

Four minutes of discount

The referee adds four minutes of extra time. China and Oman have four minutes to score the winning goal.
12:48 PM13 minutes ago

85'| China had it

Wu Xinghan's left-footed left-footed shot from Wu Xinghan could have taken the lead, but the ball went wide. China 1-1 Oman
12:45 PM15 minutes ago

Photo of the meeting

Foto del China vs Omán. Fuente: Asian Qualifiers
Foto del China vs Omán. Fuente: Asian Qualifiers
12:41 PM20 minutes ago

75'| Harthi's goal

Harthi's goal, Oman's goal that tied the match thanks to Harthi's shot, who beat the Chinese goalkeeper to put the tie on the scoreboard. 1-1.
12:37 PM24 minutes ago

75'| Yan Junling's save

Al Khaldi's great shot from the edge of the area is perfectly dealt with by the home goalkeeper. It will be a corner for Oman.
12:33 PM28 minutes ago

72'| What Wu Lei has just missed

China has had it. Wu Lei had it. A cross from the left flank and the Chinese striker, all alone, headed wide. He could have made it 2-0.
12:28 PM33 minutes ago

65' Oman tries

Oman has taken a step forward in search of an equalizer. China defends and tries to go fast on the counterattack. Now the Chinese coach makes two changes to try to get more of the ball.
12:24 PM37 minutes ago

Second half begins

The second half of the match begins. Oman is putting it on the line to try to draw China level, but can Ivankovic's side equalize?
11:53 AMan hour ago

End of the first half

End of the first half. China goes to the locker room with a minimal lead, 1-0. The match is not getting many chances, not even close. China 1-0 Oman.
11:51 AMan hour ago

48' Oman could have equalized

Al-Yahmadi had the equalizer in his right foot. He received a ball inside the box and did not hesitate to shoot. Yan Junlin sent it for a corner.
11:29 AM2 hours ago

27' | Rashidi saves

China had a chance when Aloisio took advantage of Alan's cross to try to beat Oman's goalkeeper. However, Rashidi reacted very well. Oman is saved.
11:24 AM2 hours ago

21'| Goooool by Wu Lei

The home side took the lead thanks to Wu Lei's goal. China took a corner, where Zhu Chenjie was to win the ball, heading the ball to give the assist to Wu Lei. China 1-0 Oman.
11:18 AM2 hours ago

15'| Testing minutes

We reached the quarter hour mark of the match where both teams are testing each other. No clear-cut chances have arisen yet.
11:01 AM2 hours ago

0'| Match starts

The match begins. Pu Udom signals the start of the match. The home side put the ball in play. China are in red and Oman in white.
10:58 AM2 hours ago

This is about to begin

The players are already on the field. Both anthems have already been played. The team photo is being taken and now each team goes to its side to start the match. This is about to begin.
10:53 AM2 hours ago

Next meeting

On the one hand, China will face Australia in the next match. While Oman will face Japan in the sixth round in search of qualification to the World Cup in Qatar.
10:51 AM2 hours ago

Match Referee

The referee selected to officiate this match between China and Oman in Sharjah is Thailand's Sivakorn Pu-Udom.
10:48 AM2 hours ago

Players begin to warm up

Both teams are already warming up on the pitch of Sharjah Stadium, with fifteen minutes to go before the referee signals the start of the match.
10:42 AM2 hours ago

Group results

In the other group matches, Australia drew 0-0 against Saudi Arabia. However, Japan beat Vietnam by the minimum, 0-1.
10:41 AM2 hours ago

Half an hour to go

Half an hour to go before the start of the match between China vs Oman, the players are still in the dressing room and will be taking the field shortly.
10:41 AM2 hours ago

Oman starting lineup

Ivankovic will start with a 4-4-2 formation: Al Rashidi, Harthi, Al Khamisi, Al Habsi, Al Busaidi, Al-Yahyaei, Al Aghbari, Al Saadi, Al-Yahmadi, Al Sabhi and Al Hajri.
10:24 AM3 hours ago

China's starting lineup

Tie Li will form with a 3-5-2 consisting of: Yan Junling, Zhu Chenjie, Browning, Wang Shenchao, Alan, Wu Xi, Zhang Linpeng, Wu Xin, Aloisio, Wu Lei and Zhang. This is China's eleven.
10:22 AM3 hours ago

Let's go to the line-ups

Both coaches have already chosen their starting eleven for this match of the fifth day of the World Cup qualifiers. Let's start with the starting lineups of both teams.
10:20 AM3 hours ago

We are already here

Today is the day of the match with less than an hour to go. China and Oman will meet in a few moments at the Sharjah Stadium in search of three golden points.
6:52 PM18 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of China vs Oman

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups China vs Oman live, as well as the latest information from Sharjah Stadium. Stay tuned to VAVEL's minute-by-minute live online coverage of the match. 
6:47 PM18 hours ago

Meeting Schedule

This is the start time of the game China vs Oman of 11th November 2021 in several countries:

Argentina: 11:00 AM,
Bolivia: 10:00 AM.
Brazil: 11:00 AM.
Chile: 10:00 AM.
Colombia: 09:00 AM.
Ecuador: 09:00 AM.
USA (ET): 10:00 AM.
Spain: 16:00 PM,
Mexico: 09:00 AM.
Paraguay: 07:00 AM.
Peru: 09:00 AM.
Uruguay: 07:00 AM.
Venezuela: 10:00 AM.

6:42 PM18 hours ago


Oman comes into this match in a better position than their opponents, as they are in third place with six points, while China is in fifth place with only three points. In addition, China has a negative goal average (4), while Oman has a 0 goal average.
6:37 PM18 hours ago

History between the two

The two sides have met a total of six times in all, with the Chinese winning four times and Oman twice. In none of the encounters have they drawn. In official matches, they have played twice, with China winning both times.
6:32 PM18 hours ago

Oman's fixtures during this break.

Oman, meanwhile, will face both China and Japan on Tuesday, November 16 at 11 am (ET) for the sixth matchday of the World Cup qualifying rounds.
6:27 PM19 hours ago

China's fixtures in this break

China will face Oman and Australia in this international break. The match against the Australians will be on Tuesday, November 16 at 10am (ET) in round six of World Cup Qualifying.
6:22 PM19 hours ago

Oman's last five away matches

On the other hand, their opponents have four wins out of five away matches. They only lost on their last visit to Australia 3-1.
Last away matches:
Australia 3-1 Oman
Nepal 2-7 Oman
Japan 0-1 Oman
FK Vozdovac 0-2 Oman
Kolubara 0-4 Oman
6:17 PM19 hours ago

China's last five home games

The Chinese's last five home matches have ended mostly in wins, as they pick up four wins and one loss in their last five games on home soil.
Last home clashes:
China 3-2 Vietnam
China 0-1 Japan
China 3-1 Syria
China 5-0 Maldives
China 2-0 Philippines
6:12 PM19 hours ago

Oman's last match

In the previous match, Oman beat Vietnam 3-1 at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in the fourth matchday of the third World Cup qualifiers. The home side started off by missing a penalty in the first quarter of an hour before Vietnam took the lead through Nguyen Tien Linh with five minutes remaining. But in first half stoppage time Al-Sabhi would equalize the match. The home side went in search of a second goal, and a few minutes into the second half, Al Khaldi, the same man who missed the penalty, put his side ahead. Al Yahyaei would score the last and final goal.
6:07 PM19 hours ago

China's final match

In the matchday four match, China faced Saudi Arabia at King Abdullah Sports City, where they lost 3-2. In the first half, the home side went in with a two-goal lead at the break, thanks to Al-Najei's brace. In the second half, the visitors pulled one back with Guofu's early goal, but with twenty minutes left on the clock, Al Brikan made it 3-1. Wu Xi would bring his team closer on the scoreboard with a goal in the 87th minute, but the match ended 3-2. 
6:02 PM19 hours ago

Welcome to VAVEL

Welcome to the online broadcast of China vs Oman, corresponding to matchday five of the third round of Asian World Cup qualifying, where they will meet at Sharjah Stadium at 10 am (ET).

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