Porto vs Vizela LIVE Score Updates: Pepe scores against (0-1) | 03/16/2024

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Porto vs Vizela LIVE Score Updates: Pepe scores against (0-1) | 03/16/2024

Follow game Porto vs Vizela live score coverage minute by minute, stream information online, prediction, how to watch, TV channel, expected lineups, start date and result updates of the Primeira Liga on March 16th 2024 in VAVEL USA. Kick-off start time: 3:30 pm ET

Follow game Porto vs Vizela live score coverage minute by minute, stream information online, prediction, how to watch, TV channel, expected lineups, start date and result updates of the Primeira Liga on March 16th 2024 in VAVEL USA. Kick-off start time: 3:30 pm ET


5:24 PM a few seconds ago


Francisco Conceição takes the ball. Galeno plays a header to Evanilson, who can't finish

5:21 PM 4 minutes ago



5:17 PM 7 minutes ago

40' Yellow card for Vizela

Bruno Costa

5:16 PM 8 minutes ago

38' Yellow card for Vizela

Matías Lacava

5:13 PM 12 minutes ago


Galeno shoots over the defender and wins the corner  

5:10 PM 14 minutes ago


Pepê takes a chance. The ball bounces off Samu and goes over the back line. Corner

5:08 PM 17 minutes ago


Francisco Conceição crosses. The defense clears, Alan Varela picks up the leftover and sends it over the goal

5:04 PM 21 minutes ago


Pepê Aquino is fouled in attack. The assistant raises the flag for offside

5:00 PM 25 minutes ago


Galeno receives a throw-in, kills it with his chest, ends up going too far and Buntic keeps the ball

4:58 PM 27 minutes ago


João Mário crosses straight into Buntic's hands 

4:57 PM 27 minutes ago


Essende receives from Otávio and crosses low from the right. Pepe gets in the way and sends it into his own net

4:52 PM 33 minutes ago


Alan Varela tries from distance, but the ball goes too high

4:52 PM 33 minutes ago


Galeno is fouled in the box and heads wide

4:47 PM 37 minutes ago


 João Mário receives the ball from Francisco Conceição, but ends up being blocked at the end of the shot

4:47 PM 38 minutes ago

9' WOW

Francisco Conceição comes in from the left, pulls the ball back and flicks it on. The ball sails dangerously over the goal

4:44 PM 40 minutes ago


Galeno receives medical attention

4:44 PM 41 minutes ago


Wendell has space to hit a first-time shot and Buntic saves twice

4:38 PM an hour ago


Evanilson tries to get forward but is fouled by Samu 

4:31 PM an hour ago


Ball rolling

4:26 PM an hour ago

Line players ready to start preparing

4:21 PM an hour ago

Absence in Vizela

Rubén de la Barrera has only one absentee: Ruberto, who is still recovering his fitness

4:16 PM an hour ago

Absences in Porto

Sérgio Conceição won't be able to count on the injured Marcano and Zaidu

4:11 PM an hour ago


Vizelenses have found it harder to score. In their last five games, they've scored seven times and conceded an incredible 10 goals

4:06 PM an hour ago


The Dragons have scored 13 goals in their last five Primeira Liga matches. Diogo Costa has seen his side score four times

4:01 PM an hour ago

Diego Costa in action

3:56 PM an hour ago

Who takes more

Matheus Pereira is the third most carded player in the competition, with 10 yellows and no reds. Francisco Conceição has eight and is in 11th place. Both are the players with the most cards in each team

3:51 PM 2 hours ago

High average number of cards

Referee João Gonçalves has an average of 5.34 yellow cards per game, while red is 0.33

3:46 PM 2 hours ago

Vizela lineup

3:41 PM 2 hours ago

Porto lineup

3:36 PM 2 hours ago

The moment the Dragons arrive

3:31 PM 2 hours ago

Goal scorers

Vizela's Essende is the fourth highest scorer in the league with 13 goals, six fewer than Gyökeres, who leads the scoring charts. On Porto's side, Brazilian Evanilson is the player who has scored the most goals, but he's in eighth place 

3:26 PM 2 hours ago

Video refereeing

VAR: Luís Ferreira

AVAR: Hugo Santos

3:21 PM 2 hours ago

Field refereeing

Referee: João Gonçalves

Assistant 1: João Bessa Silva

Assistant 2: Ângelo Carneiro

Fourth official: Marco Cruz

3:16 PM 2 hours ago

Good afternoon!

Hello, sports fan! Come on in! There's an hour to go until the game kicks off and we'll be bringing you information on Porto vs Vizela

3:11 PM 2 hours ago

How and where to watch the Porto vs Vizela match live?

If you want to watch the game Porto vs Vizela live on TV, your options is: GOLTV, GolTV Español

If you want to directly stream it: GOLTV, GolTV Español

If you want to watch it on internet, VAVEL US is your best option!

3:06 PM 2 hours ago

What time is Porto vs Vizela match for Premier League

This is the start time of the game Porto vs Vizela of 16th March 2024 in several countries:

Argentina 5:30 pm: GolTV Latinoamerica

Bolivia 4:30 pm: GolTV Latinoamerica

Brazil 5:30 pm:  Star+

Chile 4:30 pm: GolTV Latinoamerica

Colombia 3:30 pm: GolTV Latinoamerica

Ecuador 3:30 pm: Star+

USA 3:30 pm ET: GOLTV, GolTV Español

Spain 9:30 pm: No transmission

Mexico 3:30 pm: GolTV Latinoamerica

Paraguay 4:30 pm: GolTV Latinoamerica

Peru 3:30 pm: GolTV Latinoamerica

Uruguay 5:30 pm: GolTV Latinoamerica

Venezuela 4:30 pm: GolTV Latinoamerica

3:01 PM 2 hours ago

Speak, Rubén de la Barrera!

"Definitely not. If there's one thing I value and admire about FC Porto, it's their mentality and the way they compete in every game. They're also in the best moment of the season. They played a great knockout match against a top team like Arsenal. It's not easy to do in London what FC Porto did. Not because they're more worn out, because although FC Porto have been playing with a more regular XI recently, you only have to look at the squad and see the quality of everyone. I expect the best version of FC Porto. They've been eliminated, but their European vision now has to do with what they achieve in the Premier League. It's a very important game for FC Porto, but also for us. I'm clear that FC Porto will be as competitive as ever.

Vizela have two more points in this second round than in the first. And in the last five games, if we played a five-game league, we'd be seventh. That data is real. Of course we're prepared. I have two objectives: the first is to stay in the league, and the second is that, before the season is over, in this kind of sanctuary we play a game like God tells us to, with character, competing and looking our rivals in the eye. They've got good players and other objectives, but what I want is to compete, to play and to cause trouble for FC Porto. If they win at their level, then so be it. But we're competing. We have the chance to win points because the good thing about soccer is that anything is possible. So we have everything to win and that's the mission we have to set out on, I have to infect the players and they have to show it. We can't have a period like in Luz, when 30 minutes destroy the game and the team's performance. We have a beautiful challenge ahead of us, and it's a game against a major European soccer club.

Have we captivated the fans? We've captivated them because we've won. What we have to do is compete, attack and defend well, pay attention to every detail. That's what you have to control, especially against these teams. When you make a mistake, they might not take advantage of it, but in these games it usually means a goal. It's simple. We have to be solid in the game, have calmness and personality, have good emotional control of what's going on, but also courage. That requires a very strong collective version, but also the best individual version of each one of us, We have to control every detail in 90-something minutes of maximum demand."

2:56 PM 2 hours ago

Speak, Sérgio Conceição!

"They're different contexts, different games, with their own characteristics. I think it ties in with what I've said here over the years: the most difficult thing for a coach, with this new generation, is to work on the mental level. All the work that has to be done with the players, which is very important every day in order to improve and evolve and feed the competitiveness within each player and with others. That was one of the good things about that different generation a few years ago. A mere little game was a must-win, it was on the limit. With today's quality and talent, if we add that competitive attitude, and we have the case of some of our players who have had long careers at a very high level... The consistency and solidity that we've had for a while now has put the team on a very positive level, but we wanted to be more effective in attack and defensively. It hasn't always been possible, so we're looking for that stability that allows us to always be at our maximum, at the limit. Giving everything isn't enough, we have to go to the limit, it's the minimum, it has to be like that every game, every day at Olival.

No, we have a very large cold room, they go in and after two minutes they come out in a fantastic way. These are moments that happen in soccer, it wasn't Wendell and Galeno who failed, it was the team that failed, it's not a problem. The problem was if they didn't fulfill something that was set. They played an excellent game, the whole team was in those boots and we all suffered like they did, they're not responsible, I'm responsible, always. That doesn't affect me in the slightest, of course we're all affected by the elimination, but that's all there is to it.

I see it the same way and feel the same way [about Francisco Conceição in the national team] as I do about Galeno and Wendell. I'm happy for them. João Mário was also called up, sometimes I pull his ears, but I'm as happy as if he were my son. They're all my children (laughs). Don't give me a hard time".

2:51 PM 3 hours ago


2:46 PM 3 hours ago


With a record of 28%, Vizela are in 17th place, inside the relegation zone, with 21 points, three clear of Portimonense, the first team out of the red zone and the relegation playoffs. In their last two games, Vizela have won two, drawn two and lost one.

2:41 PM 3 hours ago


Porto are coming off the back of a tough loss to Arsenal in the Champions League. After winning the first leg, the Gunners managed to salvage a draw and won the penalty shootout 4-2. In the league, the Dragons are in third place with 55 points. With a 73% record, the Blues have managed to accumulate three wins, one draw and one defeat.

2:36 PM 3 hours ago

Estádio do Dragão

With a capacity for 50,033 spectators, the Estádio do Dragão is located in the parish of Campanhã, in the city of Porto. The stadium was built to replace the Estádio das Antas and was inaugurated on November 16, 2003, with Brazilian player Derlei scoring the first goal.

2:31 PM 3 hours ago

Eye on the game

Porto vs Vizela live this Saturday (16), at the Estádio do Dragão at 3:30 pm ET, for the Primeira Liga. The match is valid for the 26th round of the competition.

2:26 PM 3 hours ago

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