Louisville Football 2023: Game-by-Game Card Chronicle Staff Predictions

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Louisville Football 2023: Game-by-Game Card Chronicle Staff Predictions



It’s Game Day, babyyyyyyyy.

But before things really get going tonight, the Card Chronicle staff members (aka the “Chronrades” (no one calls us that)) have once again put together their game-by-game predictions for the entire football season.

This year we’re once again listing the predictions in order of who predicted the most games correctly last year, rather than coolness. Here’s how things shook out:

Kevin Wright: 9 of 12

Matt Sefcovic: 7 of 12

Cardinal Strong: 6 of 12

Conor Shea: 6 of 12

Seedy K: 5 of 12

Easily our worst performance as a staff since we started doing these. All of us, with the exception of Kevin, incorrectly predicted the first 3 games of the season. But that was just the magic of Scott Satterfield.

I’m also glad to announce that Keith Wynne’s predictions are back this year after last year’s hiatus due to me asking for his prognostications far too late.

Without further ado, here’s how the season is definitely going to go.

@ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Friday, September 1st

Keith Wynne - Georgia Tech looked good at times last year but I think they are breaking in too many new key players to pull off the upset.

Louisville 42 - Georgia Tech 17

Kevin Wright – Cards open a little slow to begin the Jeff Brohm era. A close first half gets opened up in the 3rd quarter as UofL’s offense finally gets it going. Cards win comfortably.

Louisville 34 - Georgia Tech 20

Matt Sefcovic – Two new coaches making their homecoming debut, two new systems with new faces. It’s going to be ugly at the start for both sides. Louisville has too many playmakers in the end.

Louisville 34 - Georgia Tech 27

John (Cardinal Strong) – You really think this team is going to let Georgia Tech walk in to Mercedes Stadium “with the top down screaming out money ain’t a thing” and ruin the opening game of the ‘Brohm Years’ and put a damper on the whole season by laying an egg in Week one?!?! Well, maybe. But I don't think so.

Louisville 30 - Georgia Tech 21

Conor Shea – I have a lot of nerves going into this game because I want so badly for the Brohm Era to start with a bang. If we hadn’t laid eggs the last two season-openers against Syracuse and Ole Miss I’d feel more confident. But if I put all that aside, Louisville should be able to pull away in the second half based on talent and depth alone.

Louisville 37 - Georgia Tech 21

Seedy K – The Cards are 0fer Chicken Sandwich with A Pickle Kickoff games. The Cards are 0fer the Ramblin’ Wreck. New regime. New Results. Call homie Jeff Brohm, Coach Prime.

Louisville 34 - Georgia Tech 20

Murray State Racers: Thursday, September 7th

Keith Wynne - This will be a good opportunity for the Cards to get things lined out in all three phases.

Louisville 56 - Murray State 14

Kevin Wright – A packed L&N Cardinal Stadium is treated to some high octane offense and some impressive special teams play as UofL jumps out early on the Racers. The defense keeps Murray State stifled and the Cards win this one going away.

Louisville 56 - Murray State 10

Matt Sefcovic – Going to be a long bus ride back to Calloway County, but the checks cash.

Louisville 52 - Murray State 14

John (Cardinal Strong) – If the Cards struggle in week one this could get out of hand quick. They had to close Churchill in the spring for safety reasons, they may need to close L&N Stadium for awhile as well after the Racers walk out. Card’s easy.

Louisville 49 - Murray State 10

Conor Shea – Thursday night against Murray State is going to be one of the best crowds we’ve seen since Lamar Jackson was wearing Cardinal red. Funny to say, but this should be a fun one.

Louisville 56 - Murray State 10

Seedy K – I’ve been in the house when U of L has lost to the Racers. Which they’ve done six times. But not in the Thursday home opener when even the walk ons get PT.

Louisville 54 - Murray State 10

Indiana Hoosiers: Saturday, September 16th

Keith Wynne - IU is trending in the wrong direction and I don’t think they have enough talent on offense to hang. However, their defense could be legit this year which keeps it a bit closer than expected.

Louisville 28 - Indiana 13

Kevin Wright – Indiana may have weaseled their way out of the remaining games in their 3 game agreement with UofL but there’s no escaping another bout with Jeff Brohm in Indy. The offense is good enough but it’s UofL’s defense that stymies IU and the Cards remain undefeated.

Louisville 38 - Indiana 17

Matt Sefcovic – Michael Pennix ain’t walkin through that door. This could get so ugly that Dakich cries Monday morning on air.

Louisville 38 - Indiana 10

John (Cardinal Strong) – Jeff Brohm has never lost to Indiana and has beat them by an average of 54.2 points (don’t look it up, just trust me). The disdain for Kentucky tops the charts, but there is always going to be a spot in his heart for beating the candy-striped jokers of Bloomington.

Louisville 35 - Indiana 17

Conor Shea – There’s a good reason Indiana tried cancelling this entire series.

Louisville 35 - Indiana 14

Seedy K – Last time the Cardinals played a school in the Big Whatever was 2017, when they bested Purdue. Game’s in Indy. Victory celebration with pastrami on rye, latkes and carrot cake at Shapiro’s.

Louisville 27 - Indiana 14

Boston College Eagles: Saturday, September 23rd

Keith Wynne - Last year was a major letdown for Louisville but it sparked a change in the season where they started to play more consistently. This year, they start the game as they should and coast to an easy win.

Louisville 34 - Boston College 10

Kevin Wright – UofL’s ACC home opener is ripe with revenge factor following an unacceptable road loss to Boston College last season. Jack Plummer plays great and Jawhar Jordan has a big day. Cards crack the top 25 and go to 4-0 on the season.

Louisville 44 - Boston College 23

Matt Sefcovic – Louisville has dominated Boston College on the diamond, winning 9 straight over the Eagles. Different sport, same result. Cards win a tight one.

Louisville 34 - Boston College 27

John (Cardinal Strong) – Cards are rolling and come back home for the first Saturday game of the season. The excitement, the hype, the hoopla....almost catches them sleep walking into a nightmare scenario. But they awake just in time.

Louisville 17 - Boston College 14

Conor Shea – Last year’s loss to BC was one of the dumbest ones of the entire Satterfield era. Good news is Satt is gone and so is Zay Flowers.

Louisville 31 - Boston College 17

Seedy K – Even if the Eagles double up on that testosterone stuff for which BC icon Doug Flutie is the everpresent pitchman, it won’t be enough. Flutie’s 60 now, and not walking through that locker room door. The Cardinals won’t match his age on the scoreboard, but they’ll tally a lot.

Louisville 42 - Boston College 10

@N.C. State Wolfpack: Saturday, September 29th

Keith Wynne - Louisville’s defense gets their first real test and they fail. State’s new offensive system will give people fits because they can sling it around while also running the ball well. The defense is as good as usual and UofL can’t get things going like normal. N.C. State 38 - Louisville 31

Kevin Wright – Raleigh has rarely, if ever l, been kind to visiting UofL Football teams. This night will perhaps be more of the same. Cards battle hard on both sides but turnovers are the difference and I have to live with the fact that UofL loses to a Brennan Armstrong lead team….again…..in a different uniform.

N.C. State 37 - Louisville 31

Matt Sefcovic – Does anyone ever know how good N.C. State is going to be? They always receive preseason hype but should we trust them? They will be battle tested with Notre Dame in week two. Wolfpack hand Brohm his first loss.

N.C. State 27 - Louisville 21

John (Cardinal Strong) – Listen to just about anybody this summer and they seem to pick this as the first time the Cards trip up on the 2023 season. The Friday night atmosphere, the first true game on the road, the first step up in competition. I unfortunately agree with the logic.

N.C. State 28 - Louisville 20

Conor Shea – Bringing Notre Dame coming to town with a 5-0 record would be a electric. But this game seems like the first real test of the season, and with it being on the road and the look-ahead factor of ND, I just don’t have a good feeling.

N.C. State 31 - Louisville 27

Seedy K – This visit to Raleigh is Louisville’s first true road game. (There are only three.) It’s also their first defeat. You thought the Cardinals were going undefeated? Nah.

NC State 28 - Louisville 24

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Saturday, October 7th

Keith Wynne - Marcus Freeman has his quarterback and his offensive line is likely the best in the country. His new offense leads the way with the run game and the Cards can’t turn it into a shootout.

Notre Dame 28 - Louisville 17

Kevin Wright – A sellout record breaking home crowd is entertained from start to finish as Jeff Brohm gives UofL fans a glimpse of what the future might likely hold for his program by leading Notre Dame at halftime. A nip and tuck@second half sees the Irish making a few more big plays than UofL and squeaking by the upset minded Cards.

Notre Dame 36 - Louisville 27

Matt Sefcovic – L&N will be rockin’. Largest crowd in school history is to be expected and Louisville treated Sam Hartman like a pee-wee QB last season. Unfortunately, Audric Estime will be dressed in green and gold.

Notre Dame 34 - Louisville 24

John (Cardinal Strong) – If the Cards somehow sneak into this one undefeated they may ‘break the bank’ and crack the attendance record at L&N Stadium. While my eyes couldn’t roll any further into my head when I hear about the “tradition” and “history” of the Irish...they do have a damn good team this year, and I think it’s just a bit too much for the Cards.

Notre Dame 30 - Louisville 21

Conor Shea – Just because everyone else picked Notre Dame and this feels like the perfect opportunity for a “Brohm Special”, I’m going to let my dreams run wild on this one despite how much Estime and the Irish’ o-line scare me.

Louisville 28 - Notre Dame 24

Seedy K – Last time these guy’s met, U of L played best game of year in a 7-12 loss under the watchful eyes of Touchdown Jesus. This one is on Floyd Street. The stadium will be packed. Heisman Hartman gets revenge for that woeful performance he had before against Louisville, when under center for a different institution of higher learning.

Notre Dame 25 - Louisville 17

@ Pittsburgh Panthers: Saturday, October 14th

Keith Wynne - Louisville gets a favorable matchup for their offense in this one. Pitt has the talent but Brohm spreads them out and uses the quick game to nullify Pitt’s pass rush. Pitt’s offense can’t do the same and Ron English stifles things with an aggressive plan.

Louisville 17 - Pittsburgh 7

Matt Sefcovic – Louisville has struggled against Pittsburgh, losing 6 of the last 8 against the Panthers. There’s a new sheriff in town and this offense is built different. Cards pickup a big road victory.

Louisville 28 - Pittsburgh 13

John (Cardinal Strong) – While picking this one as a loss would not be crazy, I just don’t see this team folding up and losing three in a row. The Card’s right the ship so to speak and avoid spending time on the poop deck halfway through the voyage. Cards 28-23

Conor Shea – Despite how chesty Pitt fans have been all season and how badly that makes me want the Cards to beat them, I think a road trip against a physical Pitt team right before we finally get a bye-week spells trouble for Louisville.

Pittsburgh 21 - Louisville 16

Seedy K – Cards arrive in Steel City on a two game losing skein. Not an optimal situation. Some new names show up on the depth chart. (As if there was one.) They contribute. U of L does the tighten up.

Louisville 21 - Pittsburgh 20

Kevin Wright – Showing signs of a big game hangover, UofL allows PITT to establish a lead in the first half. In its first come from behind win under Jeff Brohm, the Cards show resilience and get a huge road win with a late 4th quarter surge.

Louisville 33 - Pittsburgh 28

Duke Blue Devils: Saturday, October 28th

Keith Wynne - We finally get a shootout as Riley Leonard puts on a show with his arm and legs. Louisville has the athletic edge on offense and Jack Plummer has a big game. Turnovers make the difference with UofL’s secondary making a couple of big plays.

Louisville 56 - Duke 45

Matt Sefcovic – Elko has the Blue Devils rolling, but Louisville has two weeks to get healthy and prepare. Cards win a shootout.

Louisville 48 - Duke 42

John (Cardinal Strong) – Rumor has it the Blue Devils decided to take football seriously and look to field a decent squad in 2023. They may pull off some surprises this year and sneak into that mid-tier of the ACC, but this game ain’t one of them. Cards prep for Halloween by dressing up like a post-season eligible team and get win #6 on the year.

Louisville 38 - Duke 20

Conor Shea – Duke definitely looked like a completely different program under Elko in his first season. But if you look at how outrageous their turnover luck was and the close games it bailed them out of, it’s hard to see them repeating that magic.

Louisville 42 - Duke 31

Seedy K – The Blue Devils were one of last year’s surprise national darlings under new coach Mike Elko. They are a veteran team, and no longer the gridiron walkovers of yesteryear. But it won’t be enough.

Louisville 42 - Duke 20

Kevin Wright – A lot of pregame talk about Duke perhaps upsetting the Cards may be legit as the Blue Devils lead at halftime. A second half explosion by Jamari Thrash and some timely sacks by UofL’s front four out the Cards over the hump, however, as they defend home turf.

Louisville 45 - Duke 31

Virginia Tech Hokies: Saturday, November 4th

Keith Wynne - I think Brent Pry could be the guy long-term for VT but he’s at least a year away from getting a win in this game.

Louisville 38 - Virginia Tech 21

Kevin Wright – Not even a locker room rendition of Enter Sandman can get the Hokies fully prepared for a UofL team on a roll. The Hokies are outmanned on both sides of the ball, particularly on D as Jack Plummer has one of his biggest games as a Card.

Louisville 44 - Virginia Tech 22

Matt Sefcovic – Jeff Brohm was the QB Coach of the 2006 Gator Bowl. We still remember the leg stomp.

Louisville 45 - Virginia Tech 24

John (Cardinal Strong) – The Cards have been in the ACC for a decade and have never played in Blacksburg, or got to hear ‘Enter Sandman’ as the Hokies run onto the field. To make the Virginia Tech squad feel more at home the Cards will gladly ‘take their hand and lead them off to never-never land’...which in this case is the visitors locker room after a drubbing.

Louisville 42 - Virginia Tech 21

Conor Shea – The Virginia schools are probably going to look rough this year. This is the more talented of the two, so I’ll let this one be a little closer. Joker and the Thief > Enter Sandman.

Louisville 38 - Virginia Tech 21

Seedy K – Something untoward has happened in Blacksburg. Oh yeah, Frank Beamer is no long head coach. Bud Foster no longer coaches the defense. Mediocrity has ensued. And it continues. Hokey Pokey that.

Louisville 39 - Virginia Tech 19

Virginia Cavaliers: Thursday, November 9th

Keith Wynne - Virginia has a substantial amount of new faces on the depth chart this year. The portal was also not kind to them. While they’ll probably get better as the season goes on...

Louisville 35 - Virginia 14

Kevin Wright – The Cards take the momentum of a 3 game winning streak and push it further out to 4. Virginia has a tough time getting anything going on offense and UofL takes care of business.

Louisville 28 - Virginia 16

Matt Sefcovic – We will get to see a lot of Pierce Clarkson in this one. Cards dominate.

Louisville 45 - Virginia 10

John (Cardinal Strong) – Virginia is not going to be a good football team this year after losing it’s QB, and some staff, and some vets which had them extremely competitive in years past. This sets up for another blood bath at home....but the recipe is also very similar to a dish called ‘Brohm Drops a Headscratcher’ served at least once each year. Not Great.

Virginia 28 - Louisville 17

Conor Shea – This is the lesser of the already bad two Virginia schools.

Louisville 42 - Virginia 10

Seedy K – Are you thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’ about about now? U of L is playing a lot of home games. It’s twu, it’s twu. This is the third in a row of seven total. It provides enough energy to best a feistier than expected band of Cavaliers.

Louisville 45 - Virginia 32

@ Miami (FL) Hurricanes: Saturday, November 18th

Keith Wynne - Louisville heads to Miami on a win streak but the Canes are legit this season and snap the streak. Miami wins it with stellar defensive play and they win the turnover battle.

Miami 31 - Louisville 28

Kevin Wright – In what will likely go down as the one game that “got away”, the Cards travel to Miami and despite putting up solid statistics, cannot capitalize on a few early Miami turnovers and give the ball back themselves late in the 4th quarter to seal its doom.

Miami 34 - Louisville 30

Matt Sefcovic – The swagger is back in Coral Gables as Cristobal will have The U rockin (all 5,000 of their fans).

Miami 28 - Louisville 17

John (Cardinal Strong) – Getting an extra few days to stew in a bad loss the week prior the Cards come down to Miami not only prepared, but also bringing more native-Miami players than than what the Canes have on their own roster. The 305 to 502 guys show out for the hometown crowd and pull off a nice win over a team which had been playing well heading into the contest but coming off a high from the game against FSU the week before.

Louisville 30 - Miami 23

Conor Shea – This is the hardest game for me to predict because you never know what version of Miami you’re going to see on any given week. I think Cristobal bounces back this year, and a road trip proves unfavorable for the Cards.

Miami 26 - Louisville 21

Seedy K – Speaking of home field advantages, The U never has any, playing miles away from Coral Gables at whatever they call that NFL place up the coast. It’s still closer than the flight from SDF. Cristobal’s ‘Canes are starting to show some promise.

Miami 31 - Louisville 16

Kentucky Wildcats: Saturday, November 25th

Keith Wynne - Jeff Brohm has a knack for winning the biggest games on the schedule and that doesn’t change this year. Brohm’s offense spreads out UK’s front seven and Jamari Thrash has a big day. Jahwar Jordan salts the game away late and UofL’s secondary puts the clamps on the Cats passing game.

Louisville 38 - Kentucky 24

Kevin Wright – Louisville hasn’t won a Governor’s Cup game since Lamar Jackson played QB. Now, you can replace that name with Jack Plummer. The Cards manage to push ahead late in a knock down drag out over Kentucky.

Louisville 38 - Kentucky 34

Matt Sefcovic – Cats win again. Sigh.

Kentucky 38 - Louisville 31

John (Cardinal Strong) – I think both the Cards and the Cats could be coming into this game 8-3. While eight wins is nice, nine wins just feels completely different, and both will be fighting to get into that second-tier bowl game as one of the Top 3 or 4 schools in their conference. Brohm dislikes Kentucky more in his left pinky than the entire previous staff did combined, and that juice helps makes this a tight one all the way. While my heart says one thing, my eyeballs have seen something completely different as of late. This isn’t the year...not yet.

Kentucky 35 - Louisville 27

Conor Shea – We all know Brohm is aware of how important this game is and that he’s had this game circled since he arrived on Floyd St. But if Leary is still healthy I think Louisville will be up against it. UK squeaks out with a win one last time before the rivalry tides completely flip.

Kentucky 35 - Louisville 27

Seedy K – This is the way the season ends, not with a bang but a whimper. For the Cats. Louisville breaks a four game losing skein against arch rival.

Louisville 27 - Kentucky 24

Final Predictions –

Keith Wynne: 9-3

Kevin Wright: 9-3

John (Cardinal Strong): 8-4

Matt Sefcovic: 8-4

Conor Shea: 8-4

Seedy K: 9-3

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